Jacopo Pasotti, Science in a suitcase

From physics to the Northern Lights to the bizarre methods of orientation of some travelling animal species. From how control
systems in an airport work to the unwanted travelling companions that can follow you inside your case. But also strange historical facts about journeys that have revolutionized scientific knowledge, or the ones that would have been scientifically impossible to make, such as the “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” as told by Jules Verne. A guidebook that explains why the map you are consulting is certainly wrong, which tropical forest is the richest in biodiversity on the planet (and how we know this) and which will give you practical advice on how to prepare your next holiday, scientifically. It is a book to dip into before a long and adventurous journey and it will tell you what it is useful to pack for any destination – whether the Sahara, a remote tropical island, the Arctic or a megalopolis.

Jacopo Pasotti is a journalist and scientific communicator. After a degree in geology and a master’s in scientific communication in Australia, he began to contribute to “National Geographic”, “l’Espresso” and “Repubblica”, and has taken part in scientific expeditions to Nepal, the Arctic and the Antarctic. In 2011 he won the Piazzano Prize for scientific journalism. He is the author of stories for children and a chronic traveller. He is the author of “Science at the Summit”.

Illustrated book, full color
Subject: Popular Science
Pages: 200
Publication date: June 2016
Original title: La scienza in valigia

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