Davide Coero Borga, Science of the imagination

How do the characters and places in children’s literature end up under the microscope of the scientist? Behind what we are used to considering as simple little stories for children, are hidden ideas, stories and suggestions of science and technology. It is the history of science that is unwound like a ball of yarn in the tales by Perrault, the Brothers Grimm and Andersen: from the tricks and spells of the apprentice sorcerer to the mad scientist, imagination gives way to science fiction and lastly, to raw science. Princesses, dragons, enchanted castles, elves, ogres, swords, magic wands, amulets, dwarves, adventurers, explorers, coats of armour, scientists, witches, frightening creatures and the wonders of nature inhabit the pages of this illustrated almanac of scientific fantasy – and tell the reader a new and surprising story.

Davide Coero Borga works with foundations and museums to create new languages with which to speak about science, technology and the environment. Together with Federico Taddia and Silvia Bencivelli, he conducts “Nautilus”, a programme broadcast on Rai Scuola. He has already published “Toymaker’s Science” in 2012.

• Illustrations by Ester Chilese 

Illustrated book, full color
Subject: Popular science
Pages: 240
Original title: La Scienza della fantasia (2015)

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